DotPigeon’s pop illustration for Swatch

DotPigeon is a project by art director Stefano Fraone that aims to tell in a simple and pop way the current events and trends of the moment.
His world, colorful and funny, mixes different elements giving rise to images full of irony that, at times, also deal with some of the most intricate themes of the moment.

When Swatch asked him to interpret the new Swatch X You customization service in DotPigeon style, Stefano decided to revisit a cuckoo watch by including the iconic elements of Swatch watches and investing his artwork of an amazing Christmas atmosphere.

That’s how he told us his creative process:

In line with Dotpigeon’s style and th watch features, I “disassembled” the pieces and then “reassembled” them in an unusual way.

I chose cuckoo as my subject: it’s an immediately recognizable and timeless object. It’s also in line, of course, with the essence of a watch and lends itself to be dressed in a Christmas key.

Here below his artwork and a gif that tells the making-of of his digital illustration.

L’illustrazione pop di DotPigeon per Swatch | 1 L’illustrazione pop di DotPigeon per Swatch | 2

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