Art Edoardo Tresoldi will exhibit at Arte Sella from September

Edoardo Tresoldi will exhibit at Arte Sella from September

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Arte Sella is an open-air museum located in the valley of Trentino, which for over 30 years presents works that seek to raise awareness of the fragility of nature and the relationship with man. On September 15, Edoardo Tresoldi will have the opportunity to exhibit one of his works, which will have a deep connection with the forest, right here.

Last year, due to strong winds, a large part of this site was lost. The path around Villa Strobele has been invaded by trunks that crashed to the ground and destroyed most of the art installations. The passages have been almost completely restored to their original condition. Arte Sella now offers new works of art and different suggestions depending on the season.

We have already talked about Tresoldi and his works made of wire mesh, ethereal installations that tell the viewer to consider absence instead of matter. Classic archetypes are mixed with a contemporary way of expressing themselves. The dynamism of these works is given by the natural conditions surrounding them, the sun, the wind, the clouds and the rain, in short, a continuous dialogue between the work and the landscape. Transparency also responds to the external agents that melt and dissolve the material. And when night comes, specially designed artificial lighting enriches the volumes and further accentuates the architectural compositions.

In recent months the artist has given some taste of his future work, on social channels. We just have to wait until September 15 and go and have a look.

Text by Elisa Scotti

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