Photography The emotional portraits by Aaron Walls

The emotional portraits by Aaron Walls

Giulia Guido

Forget the classic portrait photography you’re used to, Aaron Walls transports us into a fascinating and mystical world. 

Based in Mexico City, Aaron Walls began photographing 14 years ago in the field of real estate photography, then, about 6 years ago he started working in portraiture. We can say that this choice has turned his career, leading him to collaborate and be published in various magazines and brands and coming to be named Best Photographer by FGIM (Fashion Group International Mexico). 

Social networks have been fundamental in his career, especially Instagram, which the photographer has used as a real personal portfolio and which has allowed him to reach a wide audience – today his profile has 115 thousand followers – and to promote himself. 

As we mentioned at the beginning, his portraits deviate from the common idea we have when we think of this genre. Aaron Walls himself has defined them as emotional portraits and in fact, looking at them we immediately understand that the faces of the subjects, their expressions and their poses are just a means to tell us emotions and feelings. Aaron’s lens goes so deep that we perceive feelings of fear, sadness, freedom, happiness. 

Fundamental elements of his shots are light and shadows: colored lights, natural lights, shadows that hide, beams that illuminate only a detail, only a profile, everything is calculated to perfection and the result always leaves you speechless.

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Below you can find a selection of his shots, but to find out more visit his Instagram profile

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Aaron Walls |
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Written by Giulia Guido
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