Endless Summer by Andria Darius Pancrazi

15 June 2018

Endless Summer is a huge collection of photographs by Andria Darius Pancrazi. He tells us about his land, Corsica, real and imaginary.

Many people like Andria Darius Pancrazi dream of an Endless Summer, but probably never thought about making a huge series of photographs about it. Warm colors alternate with cold colors, palms, architecture and shadows create what could be defined as a tropical landscape design. Originally from Corsica, but based in Oxford, he needs to realize works that remind his land, defined by himself  “blue paradise always half-asleep in the heat”.

Nostalgia leads him to fantasize and idealize landscapes of his origin and this is how these incredible works are born.

“For each photo I take, I try to channel that dreamlike, surreal mystery. I like my photos to be as disembodied and abstract as possible, to accentuate that feeling of oddness and otherworldliness that is yet to be found in the most mundane, everyday things if one looks closely enough. Living far away from it most of the time, my perception of it has slowly turned into a very aestheticized, nostalgic version of reality.”

His Endless Summer has conquered a lot of followers on Instagram, succeeding in making the spectators travel inside his real and imaginary land.



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