Art Evan, a video to raise awareness that gives the creeps
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Evan, a video to raise awareness that gives the creeps

Giulia Pacciardi
Evan, un video per sensibilizzare che fa venire i brividi |

It seems a simple love story born in a simple school.
A romantic one, a teen movie one, one of those in which the ending is obvious but you watch until the end for smile a bit.
It seems.
Because Evan is not.
It could be, but because of an event it wasn’t.

Evan is a video whose finale is unimaginable, beyond every romance in wich we stumbled up.
Evan is inspired by a real story and it is born to raise public awareness on the use of arms.

It was created by Sandy Hook Promise, an association founded to protect children from violence caused by firearms and born in 2012 after a massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, where 27 people were killed, including 20 children.

The Association aims to identify the signals to avoid a massacre.
Signals that, as shown in the video, exist and can be recognized.

Signals that serve to give a happy ending and that leaves no aftertaste like Evan does.


ArtmotionShort filmvideo
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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