EVREKA, PichiAvo’s exhibition in Valencia

14 March 2019

EVREKA is the name of the exhibition of the famous duo of artists PichiAvo and presents a series of sculptures and paintings in Urbanmythology style.

EVREKA is the name of the solo exhibition of the duo of artists PichiAvo at the Centro del Carmen in Valencia. The event celebrates the Urbanmythology style, a fusion of the world of graffiti and imagery that refers to the ancient icons of Greek and Roman culture.

In the middle of one of the main room there is an enormous Greek pillar “sliced”, which acts as a watershed to the sides adorned with ten new paintings. The exhibition includes nine sculptures and an outdoor monument celebrating the street world. The highlight of the event, however, is the “Reflectory room”, a room where the works are perceived by the viewer through a mirror.

The sculptural pieces are majestic, imposing, colourful and destabilising: the sculpted column is about 40 feet long and was inspired by the temple of Zeus in Athens.

It would be possibile visit EVREKA until May 5th.


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