Art Exobiotanica 2, flowers in space by AMKK Studio

Exobiotanica 2, flowers in space by AMKK Studio

Giulia Ficicchia
Exobiotanica 2, i fiori nello spazio dello studio AMKK | 1

Space has without doubts its beauty and mysteries, but launching in it a bouquet of flowers makes everything more interesting.

As part of the experimental series, In Bloom, the Japanese conceptual flower studio AMKK has realized Exbiotanica 2: from the Lovelock desert in Nevada, in USA, they launched a six-kilogram bouquet of flowers with the idea that the space and its atmosphere would have arranged the flowers, that will be in temperatures of -60°. The floral compositions are based on the ones of the famous flower artist, Azuma Makoto, who has always wanted, with his works, to not stop just at the natural side, but to explore their literal and artistic sides too. Azuma is also one of the founders of AMKK studio.

Suspended where there’s no gravity, the bouquet changes its form and position, it looses some of its pieces, it conquers in its way a new world, for which it has not been created, showing all its beauty.

Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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