Style Trama, the upcycling and knitwear capsule by Fantabody

Trama, the upcycling and knitwear capsule by Fantabody

Anna Frattini

Trama is the first capsule collection by Fantabody that involves upcycling materials and knitwear. In collaboration with designer Pasquale de Lise, the capsule was presented during the previous Milan Fashion Week, showcasing craftsmanship and highlighting the time and sharing associated with knitting. Fantastudio, the operational headquarters of Fantabody, collaborated with the de Lise for a workshop focused on knitwear techniques and the traditions associated with this practice, thanks to the history of the women involved in the project.

From this collaboration, the capsule collection was born, consisting of six unique pieces, each one an authentic wearable artwork. The workshop was not only for professionals but also for fashion enthusiasts and design lovers, providing a unique opportunity that brought together many creative minds and offered a fresh and authentic perspective.


Fantabody is a project that stands out from the ordinary, incorporating themes such as sustainability and diversity into its creative hub. Carolina Amoretti, photographer and designer, founded the brand in 2015 and has been unstoppable since then. Genderless and seasonless, Fantabody has grown over time, creating a strong community on Instagram. The collaboration with Pasquale De Lise, in fact, embodies these values and continues the sustainability discourse, thanks to the use of leftover fabrics during the workshop.


Ph. courtesy Fantabody | Carolina Amoretti

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Written by Anna Frattini
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