Art Feminist Oracles, the illustrated tarot by Laura Callaghan

Feminist Oracles, the illustrated tarot by Laura Callaghan

Federica Cimorelli
Feminist Oracles dà voce a 50 tra le donne più iconiche della storia attraverso un set di carte motivazionali ispirate ai tarocchi.

All of us, in times of despair, need words of encouragement and inspiration from someone we trust. Or at least, someone who can give good advice.
We don’t wish this on you, but if you ever find yourself alone in such a situation, we have found a good solution for you to soften any discontent: it’s called Feminist Oracles and it’s a creative motivational project that offers daily mantras and little pills of wisdom in illustrated format.

Produced by London-based publisher Laurence King and written by British editor Charlotte Jansen, Feminist Oracles gives voice to 50 of history’s most iconic women through a set of tarot-inspired motivational cards.

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Illustrated by Irish artist Laura Callaghan, the women in the set are transformed into even more vigorous, joyful and characterful characters.
Bringing together the most accomplished female personalities in the worlds of writing, politics, sport, art, entertainment, fashion and science, this creative project manages to entertain and captivate the reader while guiding them through every dilemma.

See pictures of the project here and find out more on the publisher’s official website.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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