Find out what happened during the fifth edition of FestiWall.

16 September 2019

FestiWall 2019 has reached its last edition. Let's go over what happened and discover the 6 new murals.

On September 15th, the fifth and last edition of FestiWall, the International Festival of Public Art, ended in Ragusa. The time has come to sum up, go over this edition and above all discover the 6 new murals of this year, which have been added to those of previous years. 

Let’s start with the German Case Maclaim which presented a mural representing a woman cleaning a window, but in the reflection, she sees something different from herself, maybe a reality.

Maclaim FesriWall | 2
Maclaim FesriWall | 2

We continue with Fasoli aka Jaz who has proposed a personal and secular interpretation of the figure of St. George fighting a dragon, a symbol of the endless struggle between order and chaos.

Fasoli FestiWall |
Fasoli FestiWall |

Inside the former Ancione company we find the work of M-City, which covers several walls of the building and represents a subject much loved by the artist, or the relationship between man and machine that fits perfectly to the place where it was made.

Not far away is Ampparito‘s work that literally transforms a wall into a giant ruler, of the old ones, in wood and yellow paintings. The Spanish artist reflects on everyday objects playing with the viewer’s perspective and perception.

Ampparito FestiWall |
Ampparito FestiWall |

The fifth work is signed by Ciredz and was made on the facade of the building material factory Brinch. The subject is a mountainous landscape with geometric shapes, but the colors are those of the factories.

Last but not least is the Argentine Elian Chali who has transformed the multi-colored environment of the Skate Park city, headquarters of the event. It was here that the National Poetry Slam final took place, organized by the Italian League Poetry Slam (Lips) and won by Emanuele Ingrosso.

But it doesn’t end there, the 6 days of the FestiWall were animated by the jazz music of Francesco Cafiso and the Graffiti jam, which brought together the best Sicilian street artists who immediately set to work on wonderful works. 

This is how FestiWall’s adventure in Ragusa ends, a journey that began five years ago and has come to an end, and we can say that it has fully achieved the goal set in 2015, that is to give new life to peripheral and abandoned areas through artistic interventions. 


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