Photography The technique of scannography by Filippo Zanella

The technique of scannography by Filippo Zanella

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Filippo Zanella |

Through the technique of scannography, photographer Filippo Zanella has created a project in which random lines intertwine with randomness itself, creating an ordered chaos that reflects the eternal interplay between fate and uncertainty. The project is called Dance of Fortune and is created through a process of capturing manipulated imagesusing a scanner. The result shows distorted images, as if the figures melted within adigital dimension. The enigma and randomness within the works capture the essence of chance-or rather, luck-as an external force, and also suggest the complexity of choices and actions that shape our life path.

Filippo Zanella’s Dance of Fortune is able to enchant the viewer who is invited to familiarize himself with the unknown in order to embrace the chaotic beauty of our existence. The artist guides us through the labyrinth of randomness, offering a new perspective on the complexity of human destiny. Experimentation is an integral part of Zanella’s creative journey, and he embraces a variety of techniques in his artistic journey, from oil painting to paper collage to scannography. This continuous evolution of style reflects the artist’s deep connection with the world and his relentless pursuit of artistic expression.

Filippo Zanella |

Filippo Zanella’s works will be exhibited at the Liquida Photofestival in Turin from May 2 to 5, 2024.

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