FKA twigs is back with the highly anticipated MAGDALENE

FKA twigs is back with the highly anticipated MAGDALENE

Giulia Guido
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Electronic nuances, ballads and even a cappella song reminiscent of religious songs. This and much more can be found in the new and highly anticipated FKA twigs album. It’s called MAGDALENE not by chance since for its realization the English artist was inspired by Mary Magdalene, one of the most controversial figures, always at the side of Jesus, but gone down in history with negative meanings as concubine and prostitute. This is the start of a broader journey that explores and honors the female figure free from stereotypes, impositions, and clichés. 

“A woman’s time to embrace
She must put herself first.”

MAGDALENE was anticipated by the release of 4 singles: Cellophane, Holy Terrain, Home With You and Sad Days, accompanied by a music video and the publication of Matthew Stone‘s artwork on the cover, which consists of a portrait of the same FKA twigs made in the typical style of the English artist composed of large brushstrokes and undefined shapes. 

Listen below MAGDALENE and watch the videos of the singles, you will be transported in an ethereal dimension! 

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