Photography Light and darkness captured by Flor Garduño

Light and darkness captured by Flor Garduño

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Flor Garduño: In Dreams (Selected Works 1982 – 2022) presents the evocative photographic journey of the photographer born in Mexico City in 1957. Garduño’s artistic exploration began at the Antigua Academia de San Carlos, under the guidance of the Hungarian photographer Kati Horna. Influenced by the highly celebrated Mexican photographer, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Garduño embarked on a career that would span decades and continents. The exhibition, presented by the online platform SOL LDN, unveils Garduño’s evolution through her most renowned series, Testigos del Tiempo (1992). Commissioned for elementary school textbooks, the series captures rural communities in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Garduño’s objective goes beyond mere documentation; she celebrates the imaginative power of South and Central American cultures. Her use of light and darkness accentuates the lyrical and poetic aspects, elevating indigenous rituals above social and political contexts.

Garduño’s fascination with the intersection of the human, animal, and plant worlds is a recurring theme. Inner Light (2002) explores the liminal space where her female figures merge with the forces of flora and fauna. In compositions like Hoja Elegante (1998) and Vestido Eterno (1999), nude figures are adorned with roses and giant leaves, blurring the boundaries between humanity and nature. These surreal compositions, reminiscent of Magical Realism, delve into cultural concepts of femininity and the relationship between identity and the female body.

SOL LDN presents Flor Garduño: In Dreams from February 15 to 20, 2024, in Notting Hill, London. The exhibition encapsulates Garduño’s artistic journey from the early works of the ’80s to creations in 2022, offering viewers a glimpse into the measure, magic, and connotative power of the female body. Garduño’s significant contribution to photography is recognized globally, with her works present in prestigious institutions such as the MoMA in New York and the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City. Awarded with a Kodak recognition for her book Testigos del Tiempo (1992), Garduño’s artistic legacy continues to thrive as she divides her time between Mexico and Switzerland.

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