Flowmarket and the bottles full of emotions

8 August 2019

Flowmarket is a Danish company that produces small bottles full of emotions, feelings and moods. Discover them in our gallery!

I go back to talking about Instagram profiles that you absolutely must know with the Flowmarket one. I discovered it by chance while browsing the search page, when my attention was caught by the photo of a small bottle, full of a transparent liquid, with a label printed with the word “Passion”. 

I immediately went to find out what it was about. 

Flowmarket is a small company founded in 2004 in Copenhagen that had a brilliant idea. In a world that pushes us to surround ourselves with material goods, the founders of Flowmarket wanted to bring people’s attention back to what is really important, what we really need: emotions. 

So the idea was born to create small bottles full of moods, feelings, fears, flaws, and merits. When the content is a positive thing, such as passion, generosity, enthusiasm, the liquid inside the bottle is transparent, while when it is negative, such as stress, negativity, homophobia, then the liquid is black. 

The task of these mini sculptures is to inspire people and help them to be better. 

On the Flowmarket website, you can find the perfect bottle for you, it costs only 8 euros.  

Flowmarket | Collater.al
Flowmarket | Collater.al
Flowmarket | Collater.al
Flowmarket | Collater.al


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