Frah Quintale is the fifth protagonist of Container

The fifth protagonist of Container, a project born from the collaboration between and #OriginalsMilano, is the artist Frah Quintale, fresh from his last single “Farmacia” released last October 4.

After a long absence, interrupted only by the 24 hours granted to “Quest’anno“, the singer that mixes pop and rap returns delicate and determined with a song produced by Ceri that has already entered in several Spotify playlists.

To complement the release of the song, a cover made by Michele Papetti in the center of which stands a pigeon surrounded by blisters of medicines and cigarette butts.

The cover is the focal point of the project that Frah, a multidisciplinary artist, has designed for the fifth stage of Container and to celebrate the release of the new pack Home of Classics with an event to be held on 24 October at the adidas Originals Flagship Store in Via Alessio Di Tocqueville 11, Milan.
The pigeon, in fact, is not only the symbol of Milan, the city in which he has chosen to live for some years now, but also the symbol of #OriginalsMilano, a place where adidas creators, exactly like Frah, have the opportunity to express and share every side of their creativity and artistic expression.

This will also happen to the singer when the store, which will open its doors to the public at 19:15, will turn into a space where he will become the author of a live painting, during which he will create an ad hoc artwork on one of the windows, and the protagonist of a Dj set with Ceri.
On the walls of #OriginalsMilano, instead, from the date of the event until November 13th, there will be analog photos taken during an afternoon in which Frah and the Undamento crew have created a dedicated wall, the center of which is always the symbol of the pigeon.

During the event, it will also be possible to customize an adidas Originals T-shirt with a patch inspired by the wall and the cover, a sort of premium merchandising that can only be purchased on October 24th inside the store.

We will wait for you on 24 October from 19:15 to 22:00 at the adidas Originals Flagship Store in Via Alessio di Tocqueville 11, in Milan, don’t miss it!


PH: ©Tommaso Biagetti

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