Art Frank Kunert’s handmade miniatures

Frank Kunert’s handmade miniatures

Emanuele D'Angelo

Thanks to Frank Kunert’s meticulous craftsmanship, it sometimes takes a few moments for the viewer to realize he is looking at a model. Many of the photographs seem to depict a daily scene of domestic life, a dining room, a nursery, except for the inclusion of a single strident detail, a trademark of his.

The German artist’s handmade miniatures recreate seemingly normal scenes which, on further examination, reveal a surreal scenario.
In Under The Bridge, a support column for a highway flyer has been transformed into a sweet terraced house, while in Climbing Holidays a roadside motel is only accessible via a ladder.

“I hope the viewer will enjoy it, but also feel the melancholy of my works and the ambivalence of life, the comedy and tragedy of our so-called civilized world.”

In One Bedroom Apartment, a door opens onto a closet-shaped house with a mattress embedded in a corner above a toilet, while a lovely balcony with trees and a sun umbrella protrudes incongruously from the side of a power station that erupts pollution in Small Paradise.

For Place In The Sun, use the balconies to illustrate the lives of the wealthy and the underprivileged, where a beautiful new villa has an outdoor terrace that cantilevered over the neighbor’s balcony, blocking the light.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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