What FREITAG Teaches Us

What FREITAG Teaches Us

Anna Frattini · 2 months ago · Style

Today marks the beginning of Milan Fashion Week, and in contrast, we went to Zurich to learn more about sustainable production and celebrate FREITAG’s 30th anniversary. Since its inception in 1993, FREITAG has been reusing truck tarps to create bags, backpacks, and small accessories. Our journey has taught us a lot about sustainability, offering several surprises we want to share with you.

Let’s step back almost 30 years ago. Markus Freitag was shopping in one of Switzerland’s most popular supermarkets and came across a very familiar item. It was none other than an imitation of one of the first bags designed by him and his brother, Daniel. Instead of FREITAG – which means Friday in english – another word was displayed: Donnerstag, Thursday, in German. This moment left a lasting impression on the two brothers, who eventually negotiated an agreement preventing the supermarket chain from producing any more bags named after days of the week in German.

The Copy of the Copy

Today, on the occasion of FREITAG’s 30th birthday, the company decided to pay homage to the copy with another copy of the copy. Drawing inspiration from the supermarket chain, the Swiss brand organized Settimane Donnerstag from September 19 to 30 at their Zurich Flagship Store. Designer Leandro Destefani came to the rescue by designing a genuine supermarket, repurposing many elements from secondhand merchandise platforms.

Among the vegetable displays, refrigerators, and a checkout counter with a conveyor belt, you’ll find the Donnerstag F13-D COPY CAT messenger bag. They are all blue and available in the store near a special location for the two founders, the Hardbrücke Bridge, the birthplace of the first FREITAG bag. In the store, we also had the opportunity to see and touch the first sample, preserved at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich.

FREITAG Doesn’t Follow Trends

FREITAG is not interested in following trends or competing with other brands. Instead, it pursues a very specific mission that has little to do with the fashion system as we know it. After thirty years of producing unique bags made from recycled materials, the brand remains committed to the environment. The new goal is circularity, promising to keep materials used in production in circulation for as long as possible. This mission has gradually transformed into a desire to close their production cycles in the not-so-distant future. But we’ll get to that later.

One of the most interesting aspects of FREITAG’s production process is how the brand’s designers approach model design. On one hand, the priority is to use as much material as possible while minimizing waste. On the other hand, there is also a desire to create functional combinations. After selling the bag in flagship stores, franchises, or online stores, FREITAG also guarantees a repair service. But that’s not all; one of the brand’s most interesting projects is undoubtedly S.W.A.P. – a Tinder-style exchange platform – which allows FREITAG bag owners to exchange their product with others. The company took inspiration from the world’s most famous online dating platform to make the entire process more fun and interactive. At this link, you can make matches and express interest in a bag, waiting to be matched in return. All of this ensures an interactive and certainly circular experience for FREITAG customers.

Sustainability and Circularity

As mentioned earlier, when discussing FREITAG, we also touch upon the themes of circularity and sustainability. Since 2021, FREITAG has been considering developing a recyclable truck tarp in collaboration with other industrial partners. There are already two prototypes undergoing their initial testing, designed to close the loop on the brand’s technical materials. A circular economy-proof backpack is also on the way, made from a single raw material but without truck tarps.

All parts of the backpack are made from a single material: polyamide 6, and the launch, most likely, will come in the spring of 2024, accompanied by a repair and return program. This also applies to FREITAG’s CIRC-CASE, officially the first product designed for a circular economy. The curiosity of this product lies in the raw material used: discarded ski boots.

What We’ve Learned from This Journey with FREITAG

FREITAG’s announcements for its 30th anniversary are numerous, but the focal point remains the commitment to sustainability and a future focused on closing the production cycle, aiming to become truly circular. This ambitious goal opens up a broader conversation about sustainability, undoubtedly one of the most debated topics in recent years. FREITAG’s example, especially in such a frenetic time for the fashion world, forces us to consider environmental issues from a new and innovative perspective. Ideas like S.W.A.P. and the pop-up store modeled after a real supermarket show us how creative and sustainable reuse and marketing can be. This reflects throughout the production cycle and opens an honest and constructive conversation, not only for FREITAG customers but also for fashion enthusiasts.

ph. credits: Philip Frowein, Elias Bötticher

What FREITAG Teaches Us
What FREITAG Teaches Us
What FREITAG Teaches Us
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What the Lego Birkin Made Me Think About

What the Lego Birkin Made Me Think About

Anna Frattini · 3 days ago · Design, Style

For days, an image of a Birkin made of Lego bricks has been circulating on Instagram. The perfect recipe for viral content. The orange we associate with Hermès reimagined in a new, unsettling way. The ubiquitous Birkin and all other luxury goods transformed into Lego can be found on @glam.tol, the profile that sparked this phenomenon. However, all the content is crafted with the valuable assistance of AI.

Many of the objects conceived by @glam.tol that have gone viral firmly belong to the concept of quiet luxury, an interesting aspect of this phenomenon that reminds us of how attracted we still are to very expensive bags and brand-branded accessories—thus, highly recognizable items like the Ralph Lauren signature cap. According to some, the intention behind these images might be to announce the collaboration between Lego and Hermès. However, on TikTok, others think it’s unlikely given the rarity with which the French fashion house has entered into partnerships throughout its history.

@thebrandblueprint Hermès and Lego partnership is sadly never going to happen because Hermes doesn’t partner with brands #collaboration #hermes #legos #marketing #brand #branding #rollsroyce #mcclaren #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Brooke💡Marketing, Brand, Ecom

In short, a lot of smoke and no fire, except for the umpteenth confirmation of how easy it is to create hyper-realistic images thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, a topic that has been debated this year by PhotoVogue but continues to be relevant not only in the world of photography but also in marketing. The virality of these images is the proof.

courtesy @glam.tol

What the Lego Birkin Made Me Think About
What the Lego Birkin Made Me Think About
What the Lego Birkin Made Me Think About
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Swatch pays tribute to the world of The Simpsons

Swatch pays tribute to the world of The Simpsons

Anna Frattini · 2 days ago · Style

The donuts from The Simpsons, Homer’s favorites, have become iconic in our imagination as the quintessential donuts. So much so that Swatch has reproduced them on a watch. SECONDS OF SWEETNESS is a tribute to the world of The Simpsons and the typically American donuts loved by Homer. In short, this Swatch immediately makes us want to rewatch the nineteenth episode of the ninth season of The Simpsons, where Homer is prosecuted by the Giant Donut.

Let’s talk about the watch. It’s an item that plays with the donut theme, becoming immediately recognizable for fans of the TV series. The donut-shaped dial adds a fun touch to the way we wear Swatch, dressed in sugary style on this occasion. Moreover, the watch is also available with SwatchPAY! functionality, very useful in everyday life.

Available from November 2, coinciding with the arrival of the 35th season of The Simpsons. But the surprises don’t end here; Swatch and animated series fans will be surprised by other projects involving all the protagonists of the TV series. This watch comes alongside the launch of two other products also inspired by the world of The Simpsons: WONDROUS WINTER WONDERLAND and TIDINGS OF JOY. The first brings together the cartoon characters in gingerbread version as they dance on the snow-studded strap, while the second immortalizes the Simpson family singing together for the holiday season. Both models are already available in Swatch stores and on the website.

Swatch pays tribute to the world of The Simpsons
Swatch pays tribute to the world of The Simpsons
Swatch pays tribute to the world of The Simpsons
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Everyone wants Dr. Martens’ Jadon collaboration with Ganni

Everyone wants Dr. Martens’ Jadon collaboration with Ganni

Anna Frattini · 2 days ago · Style

The Jadon shoe is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and Dr. Martens has decided to commemorate the occasion with an unexpected partnership with Ganni. Rebellion and coolness come together in a boot that, when reimagined, becomes even more iconic. The photo announcing this partnership, captured by Grant James-Thomas, is a clear sign of the fusion of these two iconic brands.

GANNI è un brand che ha fatto irruzione nei feed di tutti per i look bon ton ma anche smart, dimostrando un dinamismo unico nel suo genere. La componente giocosa e positiva delle sue collezioni assume un carattere progressista che ha permesso al brand danese di farsi conoscere diventando un fenomeno globale. Insomma, c’é tutto. Anche il logo a farfalla di GANNI. Uno degli aspetti più interessanti di questa scarpa, però, sta nel materiale: una combinazione di poliestere e materiali privi di pellame. Ci troviamo quindi davanti a una scarpa che – con ogni probabilità – andrà subito sold-out.

GANNI is a brand that has made its way into everyone’s feeds with its chic and smart looks, demonstrating a unique dynamism. The playful and positive component of its collections takes on a progressive character that has allowed the Danish brand to become a global phenomenon. In short, this partnership has it all, including GANNI’s butterfly logo. However, one of the most interesting aspects of this shoe lies in the material: a combination of polyester and leather-free materials. We are therefore faced with a shoe that will likely sell out immediately.

The price is €285, available in sizes EU36 – 48 on ganni.com and drmartens.com, as well as in some selected stores.

Everyone wants Dr. Martens’ Jadon collaboration with Ganni
Everyone wants Dr. Martens’ Jadon collaboration with Ganni
Everyone wants Dr. Martens’ Jadon collaboration with Ganni
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Moncler embraces Rick Owens’s futurism

Moncler embraces Rick Owens’s futurism

Anna Frattini · 1 day ago · Style

The collaboration announced today between Moncler and Rick Owens takes us into a new dimension, adorned with meticulously designed garments to fit into the environment recreated by Owens. A certainly innovative and extraordinary scenario, a “Sleep Pod” serving as the backdrop for the entire launch campaign. From the photos, it appears as if we are witnessing a tent with a futuristic character, a backdrop that is both comforting and strange at the same time.

Moncler x Rick Owens: details from the collection

An intimate, deeply introspective project is found in the concept of the silent sleeping pod recreated by Owens. «Halfway between a meat locker and an Egyptian tomb,» reads the press release. A truly captivating concept that comes with matchy-matchy outfits to be worn within this reality isolated from everything and more. Additionally, in the background of the campaign photos, the co-branded logo can be glimpsed, which we will see on all the pieces.

Let’s step out of this Sleep Pod for a moment and talk about the collection: the silhouettes are elongated, and the padding features a very interesting ray pattern. The palette, clearly, plays with very dark tones with the addition of dyed cotton denim and organic cotton jersey along with nylon and cashmere shaded from blue to acid yellow. The variety of garments remains one of the most interesting aspects: flight jackets, puffers, and down jackets, along with extra-long coats, accompany skirts, shorts, and tops. The denim, on the other hand, is cut to create tunics, dresses, and skirts, ring scarves, and shaggy boots along with a quilted blanket. In short, everything we could expect from a collaboration of this caliber is present in this collection.

Moncler embraces Rick Owens’s futurism
Moncler embraces Rick Owens’s futurism
Moncler embraces Rick Owens’s futurism
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