Photography Gabriele Stabile reveals his photographic archive

Gabriele Stabile reveals his photographic archive

Giorgia Massari

Swim till I Sank is the new exhibition by photojournalist artist Gabriele Stabile that offers a fresh look at his photographic archive. After years of working as a photojournalist around the world, from Italy to the United States, the Middle East and North Africa, Stabile decided to return to his roots, reappropriating his own images. The exhibition – open until 25 November at the Micamera gallery in Milan – presents a series of unique works, the result of the reworking of his photographic archive.

The artist offers an opportunity to reflect on the changing nature of memory and perception. “I could no longer look at them as they were,” Stabile says of his photographs, “I would go to a place like Gaza or Lampedusa and spend time in hospitals, in prisons, where I would meet people and establish a relationship with them in situations that were too complex to be fully told in an editorial context. When and if published, the photographs would fit into a specific narrative and hold one’s attention for a few seconds, whereas in my life those encounters carried enormous weight.” For this reason, Stabile decides to bring back to life the images that the news cycle has consumed, using paint and creating several layers, achieving a result that is as personal, intimate and at the same time dynamic and vital.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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