GalaXsea Project, the first orbital hotel by Eugeni Quitllet

26 September 2019

The GalaXsea Project by designer Eugeni Quitllet represents the ultimate frontier in space tourism. Find out now what it is about!

No, this is not an episode of Captain Harlock, but it is the result of the imagination of designer Eugeni Quitllet and is called GalaXsea Project, the first space solar sailboat printed in 3D. With this project, the designer invites creatives to rethink the future of our species not on Earth, but in space.

The name GalaXsea Project plays with the words galaxy and sea and has been conceived as a space that welcomes space visitors, artists, scientists and anyone who wants to think about the future and be surrounded by beauty through a unique, life-changing experience. On this very special sailboat, the boundary between dream and reality blurs, separating what is possible from what is impossible.

“It is a continuous project that continues to grow, with unique pieces that can only be found there, designed in space for a better life on Earth”.

The future is the point of view of the artist who takes a step back, in search of the broader picture of reality and imagination: GalaXsea Project was born from the use of the 3D printing method, where the designer imitated the same process that nature uses to create exoskeletons and other structures such as honeycombs, snails and shells.

All you have to do is watch the video below:


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