Design Genesis, a floating church near London

Genesis, a floating church near London

Giulia Guido

Last week we talked about the Church of Beatified Restituta, the modern church designed by Atelier Štěpán, and today we are back to talking about churches with the revolutionary project of the Denizen Works studio. 
Genesis, this is the name of the project, is a Floating Church and it is a real church built inside a long and narrow boat, reminiscent of the classic boats that are docked on the sides of rivers. 

The boat, commissioned by the same diocese of London, is currently moored on the River Lee Navigation, near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where it will remain at least for the next three years with the aim of expanding ties with small communities in the area and not only religious. In fact, Genesis, in addition to being used as a church, will be a place where you can organize meetings of all kinds, from workshops to Pilates classes or for private events.  

To develop and implement Genesis, Denizen Works has worked closely with Turks Shipyar, a Turkish shipyard, and naval architect Tony Tucker. 

Inside, space has been divided into two parts: one that houses services such as a kitchen, bathroom and an office and the other that houses the room dedicated to the church where a maximum of 60 people can gather. But, the characteristic element of the project is the retractable roof inspired by the bellows that are inside the organs. In this case, to allow the roof to lower and rise, reaching a height of 3.6 meters, the mechanism was made with the same material as the boat sails and covered with LED lights: when it gets dark, Genesis looks like a lantern resting on the surface of the river.

Don’t miss the video below to discover how Genesis was built. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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