Genius is Born Crazy, Moncler celebrates brilliant madness with Will Smith.

23 July 2019

Actor, musician, singer, producer, but also husband and family man, Will Smith is the face of Genius is Born Crazy, the new campaign signed Moncler.

With Genius is Born Crazy, Moncler wanted to celebrate the brilliant madness and visually represent the concept of genius, so the choice of Will Smith as the face of the campaign signed by Tim Walker was almost natural. 

Ever since he began to be talked about, Will has always entered the hearts of many, first as an actor, then as a singer and producer, until he became a model to be inspired by. What led him to become the person he is today is that pinch of healthy madness, that certain something that at first leads to classify a person as different or strange, but that over time and with the results obtained separates normal people from genes. 

It is that ingenious madness that has allowed Moncler to become what he is today. Born in 1952, producing sleeping bags and technical mountain clothing, the brand has had the courage and boldness to transform itself, arrive in the city and stand out in the world of luxury. 

Moncler, like Will Smith, was able to see what no one else saw and turn it into reality, creating something universal and understandable to all of us, who can only call them genius. 


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