Art “Get back to what you love”, Google’s vaccination campaign

“Get back to what you love”, Google’s vaccination campaign

Federica Cimorelli
Get back to what you love

The year we have had has been extremely tough but, with the vaccine, we are all starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although we’ve done our best to ease the pain and distance with dates on Meet and digital happy hours, we’re all still waiting to meet up again.
To accommodate this universal desire and to urge people to get vaccinated, Google has just released a new commercial. It is entitled “Get back to what you love” and is a strong and sensitive message of hope.

Rather than relying on data, statistics and crude images, “Get back to what you love” takes a look at some of the user searches on Google and simply and immediately tells the story of how our experiences will change once government restrictions are lifted. Drinks will go back to being a normal bar encounter, every event will no longer refer to the pandemic, all venues will be open without exclusion and what we wear will not just be sweatpants.

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The video ends with one search in particular, perhaps the most important of all, one that promotes a message of resistance: “covid vaccine near me“.
So Google encourages users to find out about the vaccine and search for available options nearby, and in the meantime fights reluctance, doubts about its efficacy and misinformation.

Watch the spot here and share it with everyone.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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