Design Ghost House, houses in the desert moved by the wind

Ghost House, houses in the desert moved by the wind

Giulia Guido

As the name Ghost House suggests, the two installations created by the i/thee collective in the California desert look like the ghosts of two small dwellings that have resisted time and weather.
This is partly true, but the project conceals much more. 

At the 2018 Design Laboratory Space Saloon, participants were asked to design and build installations that addressed the link between architecture and environmental factors. The designers of i/thee – a collective that creates projects that celebrate the coexistence of everything, living or non-living, with the environment – then created a kind of experiment in material manipulation. 

The design of the Ghost Houses began with the choice of the site, the California desert, and only later did they move on to the actual construction phase. Two light wooden frames were built, vaguely resembling the shape of a small house. Cut-to-size sheets were then soaked in non-toxic glue and used to cover the wooden structures. At this point, the rest of the work was done by the weather, the wind and the passage of time.
Within a few hours, the glue dried, immobilizing the sheets in positions given by the wind. 
Finally, to give even more of a feeling of home, openings were cut as if they were windows. 

“The final result is a three-dimensional snapshot of a specific moment in time. It is an improbable structure; a representation of the past existing in the present; neither here nor there; the ghost of a house.”

The Ghost House is not just a hut that seems to be moved by the wind, it is a hut moved by the wind, and will be forever. 

Ghost House
Ghost House
Ghost House
Ghost House
Written by Giulia Guido
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