Giant Picnic, JR continues to challenge the Trump’wall

10 October 2017

After Kikito's giant installation, French artist JR continues to challenge Trump with his second installation Giant Picnic.

Almost a month ago we were amazed by the huge photographic installation that portrayed a child as he climbed the wall built by Trump to divide Mexico from the United States.
Kikito, this is the name of the installation and the child, was there to challenge Trump and his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

But JR, strong of his ideals and consensus, decided to continue his work giving life to a second installation that challenges the wall, arriving up to the side of the United States where his art is considered illegal.
Giant Picnic appeared suddenly with the aim of shaking any political, social and economic tension between countries and saw different people gather for a picnic across the border lines.

By creating a table, with huge eyes open to decorate it, JR wanted everyone to share a meal to emphasize how different cultures can find things in common.

Music, food, water, celebrations and protests.

Giant Picnic, JR continua a sfidare il muro di Trump |


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