Find out what happened at Ginnika 2019

17 September 2019

Discover with us all that happened during the last weekend at Ginnika 2019 The Beast Edition. Here is the photographic address.

Last weekend in Rome was held the sixth edition of Ginnika, which is among the first Italian conventions dedicated to urban culture and all its facets. Founded in 2014 as an exhibition of sneakers, over the years it has grown to become a meeting point for fans, companies, artists and all the realities that make up this world.

We at went for a tour of the capital and between a beer and another, a conference and a basketball game, we took some photos and made a recap of how these two days of exchanges of ideas and opinions were.

Among the various artists and personalities who held a dialogue with the public were Boogie – street photographer from Belgrade -, Simone Legno founder of Tokidoki, Kish Kash and Leo Mandella for a dialogue between old and new generation, Jay Smith and finally the artist Jeremy Fish. Among the various activities, among people who skated at the last trick, there were also basketball games dedicated to disabled children, a really nice and constructive initiative for all participants, players and spectators.

The DJs accompanied the days with great music and among the participants, there were the guys from Touch The Wood and Smash – evenings of Roman nightlife. In the evening some famous brands paraded, but also the various present at the marketplace exhibit during the day. The highlights were also the live performances of Speranza, Ernia and Gianni Bismark.

Text and photo by Elisa Scotti


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