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What will be of our girlhood?

Anna Frattini

If in 2023 we rediscovered the girl within us thanks to #barbiecore, girl math, and bows – what will become of girlhood this year? We’ve also moved from female rage, made famous by fierce TikTokers ready to break everything. In short, angry yes, but without giving up bows and pink clothes to wear to the cinema, united in the cause championed by the world’s most famous doll. But it wasn’t just Barbie; let’s think about Priscilla or the release of Sofia Coppola Archive: 1999 – 2023. Returning to the pre-adolescent dimension «before puberty, before life, and, importantly, before feminism,» as Isabel Cristo writes on The Cut. Let’s find out more about what will remain of the so-called girlhood – and all these bows – in 2024.

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A premise

Secondo il Trend Report 2024 di Depop, sono quattro i trend che sicuramente vedremo nel corso di quest’anno. In ordine: Sleaze Academia, Lazy Luxe, Post Romance e Sports Quest. Tutti trend con cui potremo sperimentare, da fondere insieme per unire comfort e stile personale. Agustina Panzoni, la Category Manager di Depop, ha passato in rassegna tutti i trend dello scorso anno pensando a cosa ci aspetta. La sua previsione vede un anno dedicato alla Dual Reality, un mix di «ironia e sincerità pronto ad accogliere molteplici verità». Insomma, sempre secondo Panzoni, «il realismo è tornato di moda, ma in un modo diverso dal passato».

According to Depop’s 2024 Trend Report, there are four trends that we will definitely see this year. In order: Sleaze Academia, Lazy Luxe, Post Romance, and Sports Quest. All trends that we can experiment with, merging them together to combine comfort with individual expression. Agustina Panzoni, Depop’s Category Manager, reviewed all the trends of the past year, thinking about what awaits us. Her forecast sees a year dedicated to Dual Reality, a mix of «irony and sincerity to host multiple truths.» In short, according to Panzoni, «Realism is back in vogue, but in a way we’ve never experienced before».

«We’re bringing our individual points of view to play with established norms — formal wear is reinterpreted with a touch of nonchalance, romance sobers up, intellectualism provokes and performance becomes performative.»
Agustina Panzoni in the Depop Trend Report 2024

But not only that, if we narrow our reflection down to the theme of girlhood – after bringing it back to life last year – we also have to ask ourselves how we will cultivate it. Ellen Atlanta on Dazed thinks about this, seeing the future of girlhood as a kind of Post Romance, to which she gives a different label than the one proposed by Panzoni, that of New Romantics 2.0. An aesthetic that maintains bows and hyper-femininity, to add to the political and social commitment missing from our dear girlcore. Another piece to the puzzle compared to the Post Romantic approach in Depop’s report that opens the door to deeper reflections.

Red is the new pink

However, let’s return to more practical and less political matters. In 2023, we managed to escape from reality thanks to elements that brought us back to the simplicity of youth. Consequently, if in 2024 we are greeted by a different realism, girlhood lands in the real world ready to rewrite the boundaries of femininity. «Ribbons are now adorning the mundane, florals are taking on practical roles, and in this mature aesthetic, red is the new pink» Agustina Panzoni concludes, thus completing the circle.

«things are about to get crazy… for a long time»

We have no choice but to agree with Lana del Rey, who wrote on Instagram: «things are about to get crazy… for a long time». In Lana’s case, it’s all related to the latest Skims campaign where she is the face of the collection set to be released for Valentine’s Day, but these words continue to make us reflect. The photographer, Nadie Lee Cohen, captured the campaign in true Lana del Rey style, in a setting that completely embraces the beloved old coquettish aesthetic. Even though we are already expecting something more in this 2024.

Written by Anna Frattini
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