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Home Studyo creates inflatable ceramics

Anna Frattini

In Belgium, there is a design studio – Home Studyo – that produces vases and mirrors that at first glance appear to be inflatable. After all, inflatable design has already captivated us in the past. In this case, however, these are ceramic products usable in everyday life. It would be a trick to make the inflatable look durable. In short, Home Studyo’s pieces probably aim to have this strange appearance on purpose. What is certain is that these objects manage to attract attention.

Home Studyo’s Approach

On the Home Studyo website, it is stated that the philosophy of this design studio sees the objects we choose for our homes as part of a personal collection that defines who we are, our comfort zone, and our identity. A viewpoint that is certainly shareable, which we also see in the uniqueness of their pieces. On their Instagram profile, you can also take a look at part of the production process where ceramics meet what they themselves call playful design.

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Home Studyo was born a few weeks ago but is certainly one of the design studios to keep an eye on not only for the uniqueness of the objects it offers but also for the communicative strength of this brand. Perhaps the strong point of this project lies entirely in the unsettling effect we talked about earlier, and what we expect are other products made with the same concept in mind.

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Written by Anna Frattini
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