Art “Human Kill”, the illustration by Luca Ledda

“Human Kill”, the illustration by Luca Ledda

Giulia Guido
Human Kill Luca Ledda

The first time we talked about Luca Ledda was exactly a year ago when we presented his work entitled “The irony of abundance”, which dealt with the theme of consumerism and the waste of resources. Today we are back to talk about the Turinese artist on the occasion of the creation of a new artwork that deals with an even more delicate subject. 

“Human Kill”, the title of the new work, addresses the issue of the environment and the impact that man has on it. In a provocative way, Luca Ledda compares humans to cigarettes, putting them all in a packet and emphasising the risks. 
From pollution to animal abuse, from wars to intensive fishing, the artist reminds us that the greatest threat to the Earth is the man. 

Human Kill Luca Ledda

From a technical point of view “Human Kill” represents an important point for Luca, who for the first time put down pen and watercolours and dedicated himself to creating an entirely digital work. 

The artwork has been produced in a limited series of high quality prints and for each print sold 5 euros will be donated to Rainforest Alliance, an association that deals with the preservation and protection of the Amazon Rainforest. Buy “Human Kill” on Luca Ledda’s shop and discover the other works on sale.

Written by Giulia Guido
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