Design Ian Berry invades the world with his projections

Ian Berry invades the world with his projections

Giulia Guido

Two hands clapping. Ian Berry, an artist known internationally for his paintings made of jeans, chose this gesture, simple but impactful, to thank all those who fought the battle against the Coronavirus in the front line. Nurses, doctors, volunteers, but also those who have never stopped working, guaranteeing food and basic necessities to the population, Ian Berry’s applause goes to all of them and to make it go as far as possible what began as a simple graphic design has turned into a projection. 

The passage was extremely natural: in fact, the two hands we see are Ian Berry’s, the artist was inspired by a photo taken by his son while he was applauding and turned it into a graphic. Once finished, he looked for a way to spread this symbol, and its message, to as many people as possible. 

So, for about a month now, starting in London and arriving in Italy, the United States, Sweden, Mexico and many other countries, Ian Berry’s clapping hands have been projected onto house fronts, monuments or simply on expanses of grass. 

On his Instagram profile, Ian Berry invites us to join his thanks and asks “who do you clap for during these times?”

Written by Giulia Guido
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