Illustrated Interview – Colors and passion, illustrations by Ludovica Marani

Not all artists dedicate all their time to the creation of works, for some their art is a moment of freedom, a reason for venting, a way to give shape to their emotions, an act of love. Among these, Ludovica Marani stands out, Italian by birth and Londoner by adoption, who during the day works at university and, once back home, expresses herself in her illustrations. 

She herself says that the English capital and the people she met encouraged her to persevere in the artistic field and, perhaps, helped her to develop a very personal style, in which colors blend with her passion. 

Ludovica realizes her illustrations digitally, but she doesn’t preclude any way, so sometimes, her creativity is expressed through watercolors, temperas or pastels. 

All this led us to choose Ludovica Marani for this issue of our Illustrated Interview, discover below how she answered our questions! 

What do you see outside the window?

ludovica marani | 1

How do you represent the fear?

ludovica marani | 2

What’s it gonna take to relax you?

ludovica marani | 3

Which female icon do you feel closer to?

ludovica marani | 4

In addition to illustration, what is your greatest passion?

ludovica marani | 5
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