Photography In Crociati, beauty in scars
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In Crociati, beauty in scars

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Most anyone who has played or plays soccer knows what it is like to rupture an ACL. Marco Damascelli, a photographer from Bari based in Milan, has documented the story behind the scars that surgery leaves behind. His penchant for reportage and analog, has resulted in the project In Crociati, an intimate exploration of the scars resulting from ACL operations. The project documents the scars, skin and composition of the knees of nine different subjects who have undergone this surgery. Through his camera, Damascelli captured the beauty, complexity and uniqueness of these scars, each of which tells a story of personal healing and resilience.

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The photographs show a variety of scars: from subtle and barely visible to more pronounced and pronounced. These differences not only reflect the diversity of surgical techniques, but also the dexterity of the surgeons who performed them. Each scar is a hallmark that speaks to the medical expertise and individual healing process of each patient.

In Crociati is a contribution to the understanding and appreciation of surgical scars as symbols of strength and rebirth. Damascelli wanted to pay tribute to the people who have gone through this journey, showing how scars are not just physical marks, but testimonies to experiences lived and overcome.

I wanted to capture, through the camera, the beauty, complexity and ‘uniqueness of these scars, which are the result of healing each individual person. From the subtle and barely visible to the more pronounced and pronounced. The nine subjects, although operated with the same two techniques, show the diversity of skin closure given mainly by the manual skill of the doctor in his surgical expertise.

Marco Damascelli

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