Art Independent Republic, a mash-up of art and pop culture

Independent Republic, a mash-up of art and pop culture

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Domenico Mazzotta is the inventor and creator of Independent Republic. By experimenting on a creative level, he has created a clothing brand in which graphic design becomes a tool for combining classical art with cinema and prominent personalities.

Indiependent Republic

The prints he creates not only convey important messages such as freedom of expression, diversity, independence, unconditional beauty and freedom from historical and cultural dictates, but are also works of graphic superimposition that shed new light on irreverent characters and revolutionary figures, in a continuous play of similes and metaphors. 

Commingling is the key word of this project: art within art, in a potentially infinite cycle. 

Art is revisited, altered, distorted, but never denigrated. The aim of Independet Republic is to re-propose it, in different forms, to new generations, without ever falling into the obvious or the banal.

Certainly the collage technique carries a specific message, the result of a research for a common denominator between two joined images. The result, provocative, irreverent and cheeky, works when the visual impact on the observer is striking.

Recently, Independent Republic has also opened a new section on their website dedicated to the NFTs they produce, called “Crypto Memento Mori NFT collection”.

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are a special type of cryptographic token that represents the deed and certificate of authenticity written on the blockchain of a unique asset.

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