Style Our interview with YEИDRY for the new campaign for Desigual x Esteban Cortázar

Our interview with YEИDRY for the new campaign for Desigual x Esteban Cortázar

Emanuele D'Angelo
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A tribute to summer dreams. To the memories of the child that lives inside each of us. To the pride of being Latin. To Parisian savoir-faire. To Miami sunsets. To the easy-going lifestyle. To art. To summer. And to love.

Desigual and Colombian designer Esteban Cortázar celebrate the joy of life with their first collection together.
A collection inspired by that early childhood that saw Esteban grow up surrounded by artists and very different characters, whose goal is to give fashion a bit of good humor, Latin charisma and jaunty elegance suitable for everyone.

Desigual is a brand that embrace diversity and Esteban’s collection reflect the beauty of being different, being yourself.

From this passion for diversity, color, joy and art comes an inevitable relationship of affection between Esteban and Desigual, which gives rise to a unique collaboration. And to do so, the Spanish brand has brought together a casting that breathes that melting pot typical of South Beach but updated to our days.

The protagonists of the campaign in addition to Esteban Cortázar who gave life to the collection are the impressive
actress Daniela Santiago, one of the undisputed protagonists of the successful Spanish series ‘Veneno’.
YEИDRY, the singer of Dominican origin, raised in Italy and winner of one of the most successful television programs in the country, the famous model and entrepreneur from Barcelona Biel Juste, the colorful fashion icon and Haitian designer living in Cologne, Michelle Elie, famous Italian model Chiara Scelsi and Brazilian top model Jhona Burjak and, last but non least, there is also drag queen artist Alaska Nebraska.

The campaign wants to be a burst of energy and remind us that good days of celebration and love are just around the corner. Seventeen garments to rediscover the joy of living. To get out of the torpor of these months together with the bright colors and patterns of Esteban Cortázar, inspired by ‘El Beso’, one of the most recurring motifs of Valentino Cortázar, father of the designer.

A story that represents diversity and fun, showing us how the Esteban universe blends with Desigual’s brand values and presenting the collection that defines summer.

For the occasion, we had a chat with YEИDRY, the Dominican-born singer, to outline the soul and go into more detail about this new collection.

Is there an artist that particularly inspires you? What are the experiences that have formed you the most as an artist?

 I often find myself being inspired by female artists. Most of them have strong personalities and styles. I really believe that jazz concerts had a big role in my path, singing in front of a such interested audience has taught me how to be on a stage. It’s always been very natural for me to be on a stage, but with time I learned how to enjoy it and maximize my energy to get to my audience. 

Desigual x Esteban Cortazar is a collection inspired by the iconic 90s but designed to be worn today, a collection capable of creating an imaginary bridge between music, art, fashion and Latin culture that seems to be sewn especially for you. What do you think are the main strengths of this collection? How would you describe its soul?
A collection that first of all celebrates diversity, a fundamental theme for you who grew up between the “Barrio” of Torino and Santo Domingo, but who above all manages to mix Latin American rhythms with trip-hop and electronics. How much do you see yourself in it?

This collection has elements that I find in my project. Taking what for us is “traditional” and giving it a modern twist without losing the essence of it. Celebrating the culture you grew up in and making hot accessible to your generation. That’s how I want my music to be and I think Esteban did it perfectly in this collection with Desigual. His story is very similar to mine, we are part of two different cultures and we had to learn how to find our space in both of them, expressing ourselves in our art. Desigual is a brand that embraces diversity and Esteban’s collection reflects the beauty of being different, being yourself.

In each of your singles, there seems to be a piece of you, from “Barrio” to “Nena” through “El Diablo”, you tell strong stories showing your freedom and overturning the usual clichés.
I think it takes a lot of courage to talk about yourself, how difficult was it for you to go through your memories and then translate them into music?

It’s a process. I remember when I started to write lyrics, they were never personal because I was not ready to share that side of me. When I started my project I realized I was feeling the necessity to understand myself more, write about my story and share it. As an artist, it’s important to take inspiration from my experiences and get people to know me so they can connect with my music. 

Looking back in your past for just a moment, from XFactor through “Materianera” to your solo career, one would say that your creativity is constantly evolving. What are Yendry’s next steps now?

I think creativity is a reflection of who we are and what we’re living in the moment, so as I’m constantly growing and changing, my creativity goes with it. And I love it. I am working on an album at the moment and I have a collaboration with Damian Marley coming up. 

The collection is available now, May 20, on the website and in select Desigual stores, Farfetch, Zalando Plus and select wholesalers.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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