Art The Intangible Atmospheres of Irene Balia

The Intangible Atmospheres of Irene Balia

Anna Frattini

Full and intense colors that convey restlessness. These are the atmospheres that Irene Balia brings to life in her works, difficult to grasp at first glance. The subjects are ambiguous, with unsettling and hard-to-decipher characteristics. The settings are practically deserted, presenting scenarios that are almost apocalyptic, with windows opening up to unexpected and mysterious landscapes.

irene balia

Memory and regret. These are two themes that intertwine in the artist’s works, often disturbing the viewer as she speaks about human relationships. When observing “The Dream” (2023), the characters seem to seek answers, as they are depicted with their backs turned, except for a female figure on the left, engrossed in illuminating a sleeping figure.

irene balia

Irene Balia’s works predominantly exhibit a two-dimensional structure, sharply emphasizing the separation between the background and the foreground subjects. Additionally, a minimalist component is present, redefining a purely figurative language. Thus, emptiness becomes a filler, sometimes delineated by subtle or absent boundaries.

Of Sardinian origins, Irene Balia (born in 1985) lives and works in Milan, maintaining a close Area/B.

Written by Anna Frattini
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