Art Jameson’s new project combines music and street art
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Jameson’s new project combines music and street art

Giorgia Massari

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate the very famous Irish patron saint we want to tell you about the new project of Jameson, the Irish Whiskey par excellence that always has an eye for art and music. What attracted us was the new mural in Piazza 24 Maggio in Milan, designed by FRAH Quintale and created by the Nilla Studio collective on the occasion of the launch of the WE!SKEY poster. This pun between “WE” and “Whiskey,” was born from the synergy between Jameson and FRAH Quintale, the Italian singer who has built his career on the power of words. With so many creatives involved, the purpose of the WE!SKEY project is precisely to celebrate connections through an unconventional campaign based on art and music. Let’s find out more about the new mural that just appeared in Milan and all the products launched by Jameson for the occasion.

Beginning with a collaboration with FRAH Quintale, with whom Jameson shares passions and values, a network of sharing has emerged with art and music at its core. In particular, it is urban culture that emerges. These days a new mural, designed by FRAH Quintale and created by Nilla Studio, has popped up in Milan, starting with the idea of representing the value of connections. To do so, the singer wanted to focus on the theme of roots, understood as ramifications, referring to the idea of collectivity that underlies the project, reminding us how connections are indispensable for the survival of sociality and creativity. With this visual, the intention of the WE!SKEY project clearly emerges, which wishes to strengthen the concept of sociality and belonging by fostering dialogue among creatives.

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The sense of belonging that Jameson promotes is reinforced by the launch of a capsule collection that will allow the public to dive deeper into the project. Limited-edition water bottles, caps and socks will be available starting today, March 11 – the project’s launch day – which, accompanied by a Jameson Ginger & Lime, offer the perfect recipe for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in an alternative way.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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