Art Everything comes together in Jeremyville’s illustrations

Everything comes together in Jeremyville’s illustrations

Giorgia Massari
Jeremyville |

As in a karmic cycle, everything comes back in the illustrations of Jeremyville, an American illustrator, designer, cartoonist and painter. Indeed, in his narrative works it always seems to come down to a restoration of order and serenity. In general, Jeremyville’s illustrations communicate a positive and hopeful message. For example, in the illustration NO WORRIES a man is walking through the door of the future but his large backpack of worries is too big and does not allow him to pass. The man leaves the backpack on the ground, which melts as he passes. With four simple sequences, Jeremyville illustrates one of our generation’s greatest social anxieties – the future – while conveying hope to the audience. In many of his illustrations, the theme of love and couples is present, always with positive implications. Examples are some of the works currently on display at the Patricia Armocida Gallery in Milan that depict convivial moments of couples or more abstract images. In one of these, the faces of a man and a woman can be seen merging into a single circle, becoming a large sun that gives off light, and in the lower right-hand corner reads one of the many sweet messages the artist sends to his audience: “this moment with you.”

Written by Giorgia Massari
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