Photography The first photographic book of Oscar-winning Jimmy Chin

The first photographic book of Oscar-winning Jimmy Chin

Tommaso Berra
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Alex Honnold, aka the alpinist who climbed a 900-meter wall of El Capitan in Yosemite Park with his bare hands and no ropes, called Jimmy Chin “one of the widely traveled and experienced photographers on earth.” Alex Honnold knows Chin well, because the photographer and filmmaker filmed the challenge of the climber, narrated by the Oscar-winning documentary “Free Solo” in 2019.
The one in Yosemite is just one of the extraordinary expeditions documented by Jimmy Chin, who in his 20-year career has climbed and followed firsthand the adventures of some of the world’s greatest athletes. Suspended hundreds of meters above the ground or at the foot of the rock walls of Patagonia or Nepal, Chin has told of human and sporting feats, now collected in the book “There and Back – Photograph from the edge“.

This is the first book of the photographer who has been a collaborator of National Geographic for years, together with whom he has recently presented “The Rescue“, a film that tells the incredible rescue of the team of 12 football players who were trapped in 2018 inside the Thai cave of Tham Luang.
With “There and Back – Photograph from the edge” the photographer traces the adventures on the biggest mountain ranges, also through the words of the same mountaineers with whom he shared the peaks.
The images are sensational and through a live broadcast on Instagram on Thursday, December 16, together with Honnold Jimmy Chin will tell some stories behind the shots in the book, which can be purchased HERE.

Jimmy Chin |

Written by Tommaso Berra
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