JR’s new work at the Havana Biennale in Cuba

17 April 2019

French artist JR has returned with his new work "Giants, peeking at the city" on the occasion of the Havana Biennale in Cuba.

Two weeks after his artistic intervention around Louvre Pyramid, of which we have spoken here, the French artist JR (Jean René) returns to surprise the public with his new work Giantspeeking at the city“.

This is a photographic collage created on the wall of a building in the Barrio Chino, near Havana, the city where the Biennale of Contemporary Art currently takes place, which for this edition has as its theme “The construction of the possible”. 

The work sees a child of gigantic dimensions peering at the city from behind the wall and is the result of a collaboration between the artist and Galleria Continua from San Gimignano, which opened the non-profit space in 2015 Arte Continua.

Take a look at our gallery below:

JR's new work at the Havana Biennial in Cuba | Collater.al
JR's new work at the Havana Biennial in Cuba | Collater.al
La nuova opera di JR alla Biennale dell’Avana a Cuba | Collater.al


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