Just, the Nike swoosh of Local Preacher

28 May 2018

On his last photographic project, the Russian artist, Local Preacher, has immortalized the iconic symbol of Nike in unexpected contests.

On his Behance profile, Local Preacher defines himself as an artist, a photographer and a DJ, but also a great lover of everything about cosmic creatures.

It’s absolutely sure that he’s an artist looking at his last photographic project, Just, dedicated to the iconic symbol of Nike, the swoosh. In Local Preacher’s shots, the logo of the American brand appears exactly where you wouldn’t expect to see it: on skin, on a nail, a banana, some water on a sink. It’s a mix of creative instinct and a great spirit of observation, that everyone can have but he had it before us.

Think about it, didn’t we all start looking at the clouds and imagining something different than just a cloud?




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