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KAWS designed a hot air balloon that will travel around the world

Emanuele D'Angelo

About a year ago Brian Donnelly, known professionally as KAWS collaborated with Acute art to launch “Expandend Holiday”, a series of sculptures featured in 12 cities around the world in augmented reality.

From augmented reality now Brian Donnelly has designed a 42 meter hot air balloon and in the next few months you really can find a huge Companion above your head. It will be the largest Companion ever made and will gracefully float above architectural, historical and natural monuments around the world.

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“I’m happy to be able to continue working on exciting projects like KAWS: HOLIDAY, in the hope that this will bring some artistic inspiration despite the fact that we still find ourselves immersed in a rather considerable health emergency.”

The first stop will be in Bristol, the balloon capital of the world, where just this month is taking place one of the most important events of the city: Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. After that, the balloon will not stop but will continue to turn the world, the next stages will be announced by the end of the year, to allow everyone to take a ride on the world’s largest companion.

Will also be released an ad hoc collection, available from May 17, where you can also buy tickets (limited edition) to make a tour on the balloon in the coming months.


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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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