Intimacy between loved ones and objects by Kelly Bjork

Simple elements with small details and real life scenes illustrated by Kelly Bjork. Discover her amazing works in our gallery|

Kelly Bjork is an American young illustrator who lives in Seattle where she starts her career designing portraits on commission that day by day turn her in a freelance artist and founder of the creative studio Pilgrim Paper Com, with the graphic artist Teresa Grassechi.

Her technique is not particular, because of she realizes almost everything by hand with colored pencils on blank paper, that she defined the real value that makes the difference on his work, if it’s necessary, she uses other media to add details at the end.

Kelly’s work focuses on “simple elements with small areas of detail, showing scenes of real-life“, the intimacy between loved ones and objects.

To know her better, a selection of illustrations from her site below.

Text by Giordana Bonanno.


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