Style Kith continues to help its community

Kith continues to help its community

Andrea Tuzio

For several months now, Kith has been pursuing an initiative that aims to highlight small businesses, such as family-owned stores, owned by Black men and women by amplifying their voices and promoting their business. Because of the pandemic, the resulting economic crisis, and the racial issues that have exploded deflagratingly throughout the United States during these past few years, small businesses associated with black ownership have suffered a severe backlash in all respects.

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With the Love Thy Community program, Kith wants to give back to the community of which it is a part, the New York City community. 
In this latest installment of the initiative, Kith and Vault by Vans gave voice to Lloyd’s Carrot Cake, a renowned bakery in the Bronx, West Harlem. 

Founded in 1986 by the late Lloyd Adams, this small bakery became a New York City landmark, especially for its cakes (their Carrot Cake seems to be the best in town). When Lloyd passed away in 2007, the helm of the business was taken over first by his wife Betty and then passed into the hands of their children, Lilka and Brandon, who now find themselves responsible for carrying on the legacy of their parents and the bakery itself.

On you can read the interview with Lilka and Brandon Adams in which they talk about their work, their philosophy and many other things.

Also created for this occasion is the Vault by Vans for Lloyd’s Carrot Cake capsule collection, which will be released tomorrow Saturday, Nov. 19, at

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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