La Casa de Papel 3 is going to be the biggest mess ever made

3 June 2019

Netflix gives us the official trailer for La Casa de Papel 3 and the most beloved gang of thieves in the world is ready to gather to save Rio.

It is perhaps the most anticipated series of the summer and Netflix has decided to give us some more clues about La Casa de Papel 3, which will be released on July 19

A few hours ago, in fact, was released the official trailer for this third season that apparently will match the two previous ones that have managed to consecrate La Casa de Papel as the most viewed non-English TV series worldwide. 

If you thought that the hardest part of getting into the state mint and printing 1 billion euros was just getting into the mint and printing the money you were wrong, the most complicated part is surviving later, which proves quite difficult, especially for Rio. 

The capture of the young man played by Miguel Herràn will be the pretext to put the gang back together. 

“We have to get the team together”

There will certainly be twists and turns, but not even the most humorous moments and a plan well devised by the Professor, which we hope will work this time. 

Oh, watch the trailer carefully until the end, you might see an old friend again

la casa di carta la casa de papel |
la casa di carta la casa de papel |
la casa di carta la casa de papel |


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