The Lake House by Studio WAFAI, inspired by the landscape around it

18 July 2019

Turin-based architecture firm WAFAI designed the Lake House with inspiration from the Swiss Lake Türlersee and the nature of these places.

More and more frequently we see architectural or design projects that instead of being inspired by the taste of those who make them or commission them, take their cue from the place that will then host them. A perfect example of this is the Lake House project by the Turin-based studio WAFAI, inspired by the Swiss landscape, especially Lake Türlersee. 

The house, which stands right on the shores of the lake and is reflected in the water, was designed for single-family use. There are two characteristic elements, one external and one internal. The first is the wall that starts from the ground and with a fluid and continuous line rises and becomes the cover of the entire house. The second is the monumental internal staircase, which recalls the shape of the external structure, and which connects the ground floor with the upper floor, but without taking away light from the rooms. 

These gentle lines, which accompany the eye, follow those of the landscape, but at the same time create a strong contrast with the forest just behind the house, both from a structural and chromatic point of view. 

The pride of the Lake House is the swimming pool overlooking the lake, creating a double play of reflections. 

The only flaw? The client of Studio WAFAI did not have the permission to buy the land, so, for now, the lake house is still a project, a dream. 


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