Art The new LEGO set dedicated to Nintendo

The new LEGO set dedicated to Nintendo

Giulia Guido

Are you a big fan of vintage video games? Do you remember the old Nintendo systems and the very first Super Mario games with nostalgia? LEGO comes to your aid with a brand new set dedicated to Nintendo and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

From August 1st, with 2,646 coloured bricks, you can build a very detailed reproduction of the NES system. In fact, in addition to the console, the set will include an opening slot for the Game Pak, a controller, a retro-style TV with a sliding screen that plays a level of the classic Super Mario Bros. and a multifunctional brick that can be connected to the TV and interact with enemies and obstacles.

With its vintage style and small size – the TV measures 22.5×23.5x16cm – the LEGO NES turns into a true collector’s item that can be displayed anywhere in the house. 

With the Nintendo Entertainment System, LEGO continues to produce sets designed primarily for adults, in this case helping them to take a step back in time, reminiscent of the video games they played when they were kids. 

Find out all the details of the set here and visit the site to find out about all the upcoming LEGO releases. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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