Design Lynk & Co, a new way of conceiving the car

Lynk & Co, a new way of conceiving the car

Giulia Guido

If you live in Milan and have been in the City Life area in recent weeks, you will certainly have noticed a pop-up with a clean, minimalist design, or you will have seen brand new, elegant cars in the streets surrounding the park. These are the first signs of Lynk & Co‘s arrival in Italy. 

Lynk & Co is not a brand of cars, it is a philosophy of life rooted in a visionary idea of mobility, but it is also a community of which you cannot help but want to be a part. 

Recently founded and already appreciated by a wide public – it now has 25,000 members – the brand was born from the desire to offer new solutions in the field of mobility. The watchwords are flexibility, sustainability and sharing

We at were lucky enough to immerse ourselves in the world of Lynk & Co. both by taking part in test drives offered in City Life and by attending the inauguration of their Berlin club on 14 September. During these two events, we had a chat with Telma Negreiros, Vice-President PR & Communication for Europe at Lynk & Co, who literally opened the doors to the future of cars to us. 

It all started with the aim of changing the world of mobility, without disrupting it, but adapting it to our times, new lifestyles and new needs. “The mobile phone has evolved more than the car industry ever did. We have Airbnb for the tourism industry, we have Netflix for the entertainment and film industry, why has the automotive industry stood still?“, this is the question Telma invited us to ponder.
While the automotive industry has always focused on mass production, leading to the streets of our cities being populated by cars that stand still 96% of the time, Lynk & Co has decided to change tack by offering two ways: you can buy their car, the 01, or become a member of their community and decide to have the car for the months you need it or even share it with other members.
The options, both for individuals and companies, are really multiple and you can find out about them on the website, but to better understand their idea Telma commented: “we don’t have the ambition to have many cars on the road, we have the ambition to have many people using cars in a different way.

What you have to keep in mind is that by purchasing the 01 or membership you are as good as deciding to espouse and support their values. 

Lynk & Co thinks about sustainability not only by deciding not to produce cars in large quantities but also in the choice of individual materials: “we don’t have leather seats, our seats are made of Econyl, a material that is derived from 90% recycled fishing nets and 10% other recycled plastics. It’s a material that can’t be compared to leather, it’s really nice, it has a sporty look and above all it’s comfortable,” Telma Negreiros explained. 

But their attention doesn’t end there: “we studied the biggest car brands in the world and the percentage of women working in this sector is shameful, it’s a real problem. At Lynk & Co at the moment we have a division of 45% women and 65% men, but at the end of this year we are aiming for 50/50, the management team is already 50/50, I for example am part of the management team, for the management part we are at 35%. That means each of our percentages is three times more than any other brand. 

For us gender division and gender diversity is a very important topic, it’s part of who we are, it’s part of our DNA, and how we want people to see us. It’s not something that happens by accident, it’s something you have to make part of your business strategy and something you have to work towards.” 

Lynk & Co

Last but not least are the clubs that Lynk & Co is slowly opening all over Europe. After those in Amsterdam, Gothenburg and Antwerp (and awaiting openings in Barcelona, Paris and Milan), on 14 September we were invited to the opening of the Berlin Club, in the heart of Mitte. Here, thanks to collaboration with design studio S-P-A-C-E Projects, two floors of the building on the corner of Neue Schönhauser Straße and Münzstaße were completely redesigned with a project that improved the architectural aesthetics of the façade and transformed the interior spaces. 

Each room looks like a real immersive installation (one of the two bathrooms has been designed as if it were a small wooden chalet) where anyone, members or not, can stop for a coffee, work, or meetings, discover some of the small brands supported by Lynk & Co and, why not, take a look at 01, book a test drive and become part of the community. 

Lynk & Co
Lynk & Co
Written by Giulia Guido
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