Style Magliano is into safety shoes

Magliano is into safety shoes

Anna Frattini

Magliano continues to amaze us, this time collaborating with U-Power. Not just another fashion brand as we know it but one of Europe’s leaders in safety apparel. An elevation of fatigue that celebrates the worker, a chic figure to be celebrated according to Magliano, naturally inclined toward genderless fashion that looks to the future.


Magliano’s is a vision that deviates greatly from the trends sweeping through fashion right now, and the collaboration with U-Power shows how the Italian brand is determined to go against the grain. Magliano thus remains consistent with its mission to celebrate a category that is usually paid very little attention to: the working class. All with the help of Adrian González-Cohen, who to shoot the pieces in this partnership captured the moment of the lunch break in the Magliano factory. Nothing is missing: the forklift hoist, the factory and the warehouse. All places populated by U-Power footwear.

The shoe born from this collaboration is a reinterpretation of the “Scandy” model, a mary jane with lateral rips and cut outs in distinctly pop tones. Three colors are available: the Rave Magamix – in lilac, silver and green – the Beige Megamix and the Black Megamix. It also could not miss the iron toe, a central element of the safety shoe that-along with the materials made in Italy-makes these shoes one-of-a-kind and ready to go sold-out.

ph. courtesy Magliano, Adrian González-Cohen

Written by Anna Frattini
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