Design Maidla Nature Resort, a refuge in the green heart of Estonia

Maidla Nature Resort, a refuge in the green heart of Estonia

Emanuele D'Angelo

Surrounded by nature, Maidla Nature Resort is located just 45 minutes from Tallinn, in the middle of the Estonian wetlands. A micro-hotel designed by studio B210, held up by stilts above the high water level and that can accommodate two people at most.

A sort of refuge where isolate from everything and provide visitors with a unique accommodation experience in nature.
During the spring, the entire area is flooded by the nearby river, so the only way to reach the accommodation is via an elevated walkway.

The Maidla Nature Resort is built entirely of wood, and has no rooms other than a beautiful bedroom, which precisely overlooks the nature that surrounds the building.

Despite having small measures, the house has two spectacular terraces, one where you can catch the morning sun, and the second is the roof, designed in layers to enjoy the sunset and watch the stars.
Also being surrounded by nature, the surrounding area is home to many species of birds, so the house doubles as a birdwatching tower.

A perfect place to relax in the middle of nowhere, impossible to remain impassive in front of the new project of studio B210.
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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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