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The second act of Maison Margiela x Gentle Monster

Anna Frattini

Maison Margiela continues its collaboration with Gentle Monster, unveiling the latest chapter of their ongoing partnership. Seventeen new designs have emerged from this collaboration, born out of a genuine creative dialogue between the two brands, both committed to sharing artisanal values to be experienced together. The campaign, shot by Jordan Hemingway, also grabs attention. The photographer focuses on contextualizing the frames created by this collaboration in a well-defined, hyperrealistic, and dreamlike imaginary world. Let’s delve into more details about this capsule collection for Spring-Summer 2024 and the campaign.

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The Co-Ed Spring-Summer 2024 Collection

The world of Margiela, characterized by subverted norms and nonconformity, converges with the futuristic experimentation of Gentle Monster. The press release states that it is John Galliano himself who conceived the organic – albeit futuristic – appearance of two frames. We are talking about the MM101 and MM102, exclusively presented in silver Glam Slam cases. For all other frames, the case is white. In addition to these two models, the rest of the collection embodies a true encounter between the two brands, as previously mentioned. Throughout this partnership, a recurring question seems to have been the ultimate one: «how we dress and why». The answer – in the case of Maison Margiela x Gentle Monster – lies in memories, in everything familiar, in instincts, and in the multitude of gestures that reveal how we present ourselves to others.

In the launch campaign, we find elements that elevate this partnership, and we immediately notice some pieces from the iconic Maison Margiela Artisanal 2024, the runway show that will undoubtedly be remembered from this now-concluded fashion month. The campaign’s suggestions reflect an imaginary world more related to a very particular transatlantic journey, born from the union of two visions as different as they are avant-garde.

The collection is divided into ten sunglasses and seven frames that play on the theme. All in black, gray, white, cream, tortoiseshell, and transparent, not forgetting the leather-framed ones in black, ivory, khaki, and blue. The launch, scheduled for March 7, will coincide with the activation of five avant-garde pop-ups around the world: a true futuristic space where every detail reflects the spirit of this collaboration.

Stylecapsule collection
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