Marcel Boer, a genuine documentary photographer

Federica Cimorelli · 1 month ago

Marcel Boer, on Instagram @marcellboer, is a German photographer and creative developer who, with extreme spontaneity and instinct, creates unique shots.

In his work, he mixes experience and improvisation, technique and practice, knowledge and creativity and creates inimitable photographic stories. His art is the result of the sum of his passions, his works are balanced, essential and genuine.

We had the chance to talk to him a bit about photography and life. Here is the interview, enjoy reading it.

Hi Marcel Boer, tell us something about yourself. Where did you grow up, how did you discover photography and how long have you been working in this world?

I grew up in a small 300 inhabitants village in western Germany not too far from where I live now. My first experiences with a camera came from skateboarding, I started filming skaters at the age of 15, but I never imagined that photography would be a thing for me. I was more attracted by moving images and photos were just boring to me, but then I went on a skateboarding trip to Barcelona in 2014 and bought a camera, everything changed from there. It was a Canon AE-1, I still have it but it’s broken, I bought it after I saw it being used in a video of a Pro-Skateboard and the results of his pictures was crazy. After seeing those analogue images I was hyped and so I bought it too. After that trip and from year to year my passion grew, I bought more cameras, tried different ones and started printing zines and fine art prints. I started working with clients and getting featured in magazines around 2019/2020.

What do you like to tell through your photography?

I love to make a documentary use of photography, I don’t like staging even when I do a campaign shooting or something similar.
I’ve been looking for spontaneity ever since I was shooting my skateboarder friends on tour or in my hometown, just to document good times and moments. For me, it is really important to transport pure and natural feelings in my photography.

What is femininity for you?

For me, femininity is something that has been given the importance it deserves too late in this world.

Which artists and photographers have influenced your work?

I don’t really know if those artists have influenced me directly, but I love the photos of Donari Braxton, Jean Pierrot and Bryan Liston. In my opinion, they are doing unique work.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing to consider while shooting portraits?

Finding a good angle and framing.

Continue the sentence: for me photography is…

For me, photography is a way to connect together all the things I like in my life.

What are you working on lately?

Lately, I created new stories for some magazines, new print editorials and I’m working on a new self-published zine.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Marcel Boer, a genuine documentary photographer
Marcel Boer, a genuine documentary photographer
Marcel Boer, a genuine documentary photographer
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